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Samsung Electronics Ltd. And Sectra Partner Up To Secure Government Smartphones

|Includes: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SSNLF)

The Korean giant and Sectra get into a partnership to provide government organizations with secure smartphone through which the government official can distinguish between their work and private life.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has entered into a technical partnership with Sectra, a leading company that conducts development in secure communication systems situated in Europe, in order to create a secure smartphone. Sectra's Tiger /R and Samsung KNOX solution will allow the device to have secure communication over the networks and will allow the smartphone to be more secure on the device level respectively. The purpose for the creation of this protected device is that it will be given to an unnamed European organization.

KNOX is Samsung's security platform that is also used in Android smartphones; the Korean giant's main aim is to get KNOX into government organizations all across the globe. This platform also helps separate a corporate user's private and personal information, data, or apps on a cellphone so that the user can keep its work and private life distinct. The focus of these two companies is to create a smartphone with security so strong, which is enough for government users. The first generation test will be conducted on the European organization with complete security improvements. Government agencies have been in dire need of a cellphone that would allow them full usability along with the ultimate security.

The President of Sectra Communications, Michael Bertilsson stated that with the help of Samsung and it KNOX solution along with the secure communication company's Tiger solution, together with their expertise, could create a secure platform for these government organizations. The president expressed his gratitude towards Samsung by saying that with the cooperation of the Korean giant, Sectra is able to reach up to its customer's expectations and fulfill their needs in accordance with their communication security. A platform where a mobile device can be saved from new threats that appears on a daily basis against them.

Samsung Sales Director Telecom, Bjorn Hansen said that Sectra has a 20 years' worth of experience in providing mobile secure communication systems and is one of the pioneers of mobile voice encryptions and both the companies together are providing users with high security in their devices, which they were not getting initially.

Initially Secusmart was a company that provided government organization with BlackBerry smartphones with a microSD encryption module. This device costed $2,250 and was approved by the German Government to carry 'Restricted level voice and data traffic'. There are number of devices that provide security that has been approved by various governments, which include Teorem, and another device from Sectra. These devices provide 'Secret Level' security but the only function that these phones can perform is calls. The President of the secure communication systems company said that the biggest challenge is to stop people from installing apps on such phones.