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Three Important Dates Coming Up For Netflix, Inc.

|Includes: Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

The video streaming giant is expected to see a major fluctuation in its share prices as well as its third quarter results in October.

Since the beginning of the year, Netflix, Inc. has share are up 100% but in the last five weeks the shares of the video streaming company have dropped by 24%. As the fall season arrives, Netflix stock is expected to see some speeding up as more 5% of the video streaming company's shares are bought and sold almost every day. In the coming decades, the largest streaming media company is planning to change the linear TV industry.

At present, Reed Hastings, the chief executive officer of Netflix, Inc. along with a team are working on expanding its prospects and improving its original content portfolio. These are all long term goals that the CEO and his team have planned for the video streaming company, in the near future, there are a few important dates that are coming up due to which there can be a fluctuation in the stock of the company.

The first important date in October is the 14th as the company will be posting the third-quarters results after the market closes on that date. The company will send its investors a shareholder letter after which a live video will question and answer session will be conducted with the shareholders. Wall Street has predicted that since the streaming media company has used most of it earnings in its international expansion, the price per share is likely to drop from $0.16 as of last year to $0.08. Despite of the fall in share price, Wall Street analysts predict that revenue might jump up by 24%. Along with this, an increase in the subscribers is also predicted, with 900,000 subscribers in the United States to 2.4 million in the international markets.

The second important date for the video streaming media company is October 16, 2015. Netflix, Inc. will be launching its first original move by the name of 'Beasts of No Action'. The original content from the video streaming company will premiere in a number of theatres on the same date. As Netflix has managed to concur the TV series world, next on its list is to do so with the film industry. In the upcoming year, the company will be launching two order original movies by the name of Crouching Tiger and War Machine, in which Brad Pitt will be the lead actor.

The company has not announced the third important date but earlier in September with its first launch in the Asian market, Netflix announced that it will be launching its services in Spain, Portugal and Italy sometime in October. The company's subscriber count could possibly go up by 80 million, as there are 80 million internet users in these three countries as compared to Japan's 110 million internet users. The company itself has predicted losses in the international market for the third and fourth quarter, as the service is new in the market and it is yet to create a brand image and name in these markets via advertising and marketing.

Netflix, Inc. is all set to see the losses in the coming quarters but has complete faith to eventually earn all those losses in the long run by greater profits after they are finished with their expansion spree.