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Martha Stewart Bids Farewell To eBay

|Includes: eBay Inc. (EBAY)

Martha Stewart ditches eBay for Amazon.

As reported by Geek Wire, Amazon has been successful in adding Martha Stewart's "American Made store to its Handmade platform". The store owned by the celebrity entrepreneur was initially being regulated via eBay Inc. since its launch in 2013 but now Amazon is the proprietor for the venture.

Now that Martha Stewart Store has been moved to Amazon, this will give a leap to the company to invade the e-commerce platform for handmade items. The entrepreneur is known in the corporate world for being extremely active when it comes to selling health care items, food, and crafts at store. Thus, this new store will actually provide a great platform for Amazon to establish itself as an online retailer.

It is believed that the switch of Martha Stewart to Amazon is pushed by the urge to get a bigger consumer base where the company is now devoted to attract a broader audience by expanding its range for handmade goods. Through this, the number of handmade products will increase to 200,000, which were initially 80,000. It is evident that the company is trying its best to strengthen its "local artisan base." The tech giant is content with the way its latest venture has unfolded.

On the other hand, the decision by the entrepreneur to leave eBay for Amazon will also assist the company to bolster its platform by targeting those who are loyal to Martha Stewart products. When Martha Stewart was on eBay, the company actually found it easy to compete with Etsy. Therefore, by moving to Amazon, it will actually help to promote the handmade segment, which is at its infancy stage.

On the other hand, Jill Ramsey, who belongs to eBay has cleared that despite the online retailer has given up on Stewart, the company will continue all its present products from the site. Now that Amazon has been successful in luring away Martha Stewart, the only thing that can save eBay is by retailing the products that already existed.

eBay has actually lost an asset in the form of Martha Stewart and the other company getting hands on it will actually benefit from the venture. According to a popular analytics platform, "Handmade division is considered to be the future platform for success for small-scale retailers; Amazon could possibly be considering adding more influential entrepreneurs to Handmade to further boost sales."

The initiative is actually a new horizon of growth for the company.