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The 140 Character Limit On Twitter Might Finally Be Uplifted

|Includes: Twitter, Inc. (TWTR)

Twitter is finally planning on removing the 140 character limit on tweets and exceeding it 10,000 characters instead.

The micro blogging giant, Twitter Incorporation is planning on removing its irritating limitation of 140 characters on tweets made by users, however the limitation is not being removed completely by the social media service but is being extended to 10,000 characters instead. This is not a bad offer to users who had been waiting for a better option for a very long time, and it seems 2016 might be the year for these users patience to finally pay off.

Twitter Inc. made limitations of 140 characters mainly so that users don't turn their accounts into mini blogs of different sorts, the content of tweets is mainly questions, jokes and thoughts rather than lengthy arguments and articles. This 140 character limit has been the company's trademark and defines what the company is about, however the business is proving its flexibility by changing this limitation.

The social media network has finally taken into consideration to uplift this limitation or to the least extend the word limit, putting it 10,000 characters. However a report of this context has made headline earlier too, but no changes were made, which was back in September. Even though the business has been sticking to the word limit for a while and changing it is risky, it can still be said that this will help attract more audience and users thanks to the freedom the change will provide them with.

The social media platform's CEO, Jack Dorsey, indicated in a message he sent on Tuesday that the business is experimenting different ways of providing users with more option of expressing themselves with more freedom, without polluting the platform. The CEO has for a while now made huge attempts to combat the sluggish user growth the company has been facing. This might also be another attempt to increase and attract more users.

The organization is not only planning on changing its persona by removing the 140 character limitation but is also coming up with different ways to manage spamming problems which will definitely increase when the 140 character limit is removed. The business has to plans to keep meeting with measurement partners and analytics in order to come up with efficient solutions of managing the freedom that will be given to users after they can post long tweets by the end of this month.

Dorsey said in his tweet that the 'business is not going to be shy about building more utility and power into Twitter for people. As long as it is consistent with what people want to do, we are going to explore it.' This change might make some long time users angry who actually enjoy the limitation, but only time will tell what this uplift is going to bring in the future.