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McDonald Happy Meal Boxes Turn Into VR

|Includes: McDonald's Corporation (MCD)

McDonald Happy Meal Boxes Turn Into VR

The fast food giant has come up with a creative idea for promoting Happy Meal and tech simultaneously among kids.

It can be said without a doubt that augmented virtual reality is the future. Many tech companies have taken the realm of producing the VR technology but how could a VR tech be influential for a fast food chain? It all started with an innovative and creative brain. The Golden Arches, in Sweden, has introduced such Happy Meal boxes which could be turned into virtual-reality viewers. It has been named as "Happy Goggles" the incentive, around 3500 in number, will be made available over the weekends of March 5 and March 12 at around 14 restaurants. The price of the meal is reported to be $4.10.

The promotional activity is connected with the Swedish recreational holiday during which a large number of families go for skiing, known as "Sportlov." Therefore, keeping the theme of the holiday in mind, the $104 billion company has launched ski-themed VR game in Sweden dubbed "Slope Stars" and has integrated the use of Goggles with it. Also, the game can be played without them in a more traditional way.

Built on the same architect as Alphabet Inc.'s subsidiary Google's Cardboard, the "Happy Meal" boxes can be turned into Happy Goggle by tearing along and folding the perforated lines in the box. The box is also accompanied with the VR lenses and the user only has to insert his smartphone.The designing and packaging and primitive strategy has been carried out by DDB Stockholm. Moreover, North Kingdom Stockholm has created the game while Prime has been busy in carrying out the publicity.

Integrating technology in its promotional strategy is what has been earlier carried out by Pizza Hut who has launched its pizza boxes which can be turned into movie projectors. A marketing director at McDonald's Sweden, Jeff Hackett told a news reporting channel that the largest fast food restaurant believes that VR creates opportunity for the families to connect with each other in digital times. He added that through "purposeful gaming," the parents can easily interact with their children and help in creating a great joint activity. He's said that through VR tech the parents can conveniently learn about their child's experience and knowledge of the digital world. He further added that it is the "first trial run globally" for the McDonald's Happy Goggles and there is a probability that on being popular it can be expanded.

The Oak Brook, Illinois based fast food chain is not the first company for making VR advantageous for marketing to kids. American multinational toy manufacturing company, Mattel Inc. also planned on bring about changes in its View-Master brand for the new generation. Moreover, McDonal's always wanted to create its own world with characters like Ronald, Hamburglar, and Grimace. The inclusion of VR can give enough room to the company to expand its creative world. In order to avoid criticism, the company has also released its child psychologists Fadi Lahdo and Karl Eder statement which concludes that after evaluating the Happy Goggles and presenting a suggestion on how they could be used the gaming now seems as a "good joint activity that makes it easier to hangout."

At the market which closed on Monday, the McDonald's Corporation stock stood at a price of $117.19.