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Microsoft Brings Xamarin In The Limelight

|Includes: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft Brings Xamarin In The Limelight

Microsoft brings Xamarin in the spotlight during the Build Conference.

Microsoft Corporation recently announced earlier its plans to make an acquisition of Xamarin- the cross platform development initiative. The deal was inked almost a week back. The company is extremely optimistic about this platform thus even before the ink dried, the software giant brought Xamarin in the limelight during the company's Build Developer Conference. The company has vowed to integrate Xamarin on all tiers of Visual Studio such as the Community Edition version.

Right after the keynote address, an analyst belonging to TechCrunch got the opportunity to have a discussion with Julia Liuson, the Vice President if Visual Studio and Nat Friedman, the co-founder and CEO of Xamarin regarding the acquisition.

The Windows 10 giant and Xamarin always had a strong bond and had formed alliances since a fairly long time. With the passage of time, the relationship between the two companies strengthened further. Thus, the acquisition was not a big surprise after all.

Friedman in his discussion mentioned that the discussions pertaining to the acquisition with MSFT began in the mid of November 2015 where the term sheet was signed on January 1, 2016.

As the discussion commenced, Luison and Friedman laid emphasis on the need of an open source platform in this era. Both the companies have a similar agenda which makes them the best possible match in the fraternity, Microsoft has always attracted Xamarin. Mr. Friedman explains, "Satya [Nadella] and Scott [Guthrie] have made huge changes and the vibe, the personality, the perspective, the energy of Microsoft are so exciting to us right now. That was a huge attraction to us - being part of this new Microsoft, being part of this recognition that we are in a multi-platform world, this cloud revolution."

However, Xamarin since a long span of time has been stressing on the fact that they are not ready for sale but now this deal will open up new possibilities for them since they can now work with more developers. The heads at Xamarin consider this venture an exciting, healthy business that they love to run. But the reason why they chose to seize the opportunity is simple, through this acquisition, the code open source will be readily available and free of cost to hundreds of developers which makes it all an attractive bet.

The executive became confident about the acquisition when he met Luison and Mr. Satya Nadella along with other Executives at Microsoft during an offsite meeting. After this meeting, all his concerns subsided and he was ready to embrace the acquisition. Mr. Friedman noted that Scott and Nadella's team is compassionate, cooperative, passionate, and enthusiastic and devoted which together made the perfect recipe to success. The word is still not aware of the potential of Microsoft but soon they will get to know.

Thus, Mr. Nadella, Luison and Friedman are all excited about this acquisition and believe that collaborate they can achieve newer heights. The enthusiasm of the executives was extremely contagious during the conference and Xamarin might just add to the diversified portfolio of the company.