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SELL: Viropro Hits Target, Position Closed; Gain 20%+ => Rx

|Includes: Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SPPI), VPRO

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Viropro (OTCPK:VPRO) has proven to be yet another profitable recommendation at Rx Investors.  

The numbers tell me that there are a lot of folks visiting my blog regularly here at Seeking Alpha.

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This week, we also established a new forum for our HIRX investors that's designed to help beginner options investors.  The O-Forum is being headed up by David Kieve or DK, an entrepreneur from Brooklyn.  DK has an excellent track record for making good investment decisions.  For this reason, I specifically asked him to coach our HIRX investors that are new to options in order to help them grow their capital as well as their net-worth more effectively and efficiently.  By providing investors with a coach like DK, I know without doubt this new forum will be a huge success.

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Based on the results that our members have generated over the past 13 months, Rx Investors is a bargain at $200 annually ($16.67 per month). 

Since I launched Rx Investors in March 2010, membership has grown each and every month.  Why?  We're getting results.  It is that simple.  In 2011, 90% of our existing annual subscribers have renewed their subscriptions. 
As demand grows each month, you should expect the annual subscription fee for NEW subscribers to rise.  When?  I have no clue.  I don't like to play games, so I will not advertise it, i.e. warn you about the fee increase.  I just want to give you a heads up that our annual fee will go up at some point in the near future.   

So, if you have been thinking about subscribing to Rx Investors, and I suspect many of you have, THEN you might want to consider doing it now.  This way, you can lock in the existing rate.  Once you join, the subscription fee you pay to Rx Investors will NOT increase.  The idea here is simple:  my aim is to reward those who support Rx Investors early on and remain loyal subscribers.  

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90% of the folks, who rolled the dice and gave me a shot by subscribing to Rx Investors in 2010, (1) have generated very good results AND (2) have renewed their subscriptions in 2011.