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Another Dem Quits: Evan Bayh Retires

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, a more moderate voice within the Democrat party, will announce his retirement today at 2:00 PM ET.  

This is highly likely to come as a big surprise to Hoosiers as recent polls indicated Bayh held a very nice lead over his likely-to-be GOP opponent former Indiana Senator Dan Coats, who Bayh replaced just over a decade ago.  Coats did not seek reelection in 1998.

It's Transition Time for Indiana

The next (younger) generation must take the lead as we will be responsible for the unprecedented tax burden that we will face (unlike that of our parents under Presidents Reagan to Clinton) due to the beyond excessive, imbecilic spending by our current leaders in Washington DC.  It should be noted that Senator Bayh more than disappointed most Hoosiers when he voted inline with 59 other Democrats on nearly all of the huge spending bills,which has totally and completely failed to curb unemployment and will likely result with a huge up-tick in inflation in coming years. 

Godspeed Mr. Bayh.

For more details, interested readers should also check out this article from the 
Indianapolis Star.

Disclosure: Hall resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.