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Results: Five Recent Trades Are Worth Noting (please read)

|Includes: CYPB, DCTH, DNO, EMIS, GLD, GTXI, OSIR, Response Genetics, Inc. (RGDX), SPPI, UNG, UUP
Below Are the Results from 5 Trades Recently Recommended at Rx Investors.

#1 June 23: OSIR +12.66% in 1 day

  • Issued a recommendation to take profits yesterday at $6.94.

#2 June 17: EMIS.ob +7% in 1 day 

  • Sell recommended at $3.70; +27% from May 24 buy recommendation.

#3 June 17: CYPB -40% in 5 days

  • What can I say, this was a terrible call due to poor timing. 

#4 May 26: GTXI +36% in 5 days

  • Sell recommended at $2.75.

#5 May 3: RGDX +43% in 6 days

  • Hit previous $3 price target.


Throughout the past three months and two weeks, I have issued a total of 59 buys on my new subscriber-based site, Rx Investors.  While some have been short-term trades, I view others as longer-term investments, i.e. SPPI.

Out of all 59 buys recommended, 29 sells have been issued.  On the site, the sells can be found under "29 Closed Positions" which is located on the top bar of the site.  Of those 29 sell recommendations, an impressive 79.3% or 23 out of the 29 sell recommendations were profitable.

The remaining 30 recommendations can be found under "30 Open Positions" which is also located on the top bar of the site.

From the feedback I have received from members over the past 3+ months, I can honestly report to you that members of Rx Investors have (1) avoided losses and (2) earned nice returns on their investments.  This was the primary objective that I had established for the site prior to the March 11-12 launch.

My recommendations are NOT limited to drug stocks. 

Natural Gas
For example, I recommended 6 Natural Gas plays on June 2, and all have done very well this month.

Short Oil, Buy Gold and the US Dollar
Earlier this month on June 7, I also recommended shorting oil via DNO, buying gold via GLD, as well as buying the US Dollar via UUP.

ASCO 2010
Notably, the one stock I liked heading into ASCO also performed well.  In fact, one member dropped me an email to thank me for the recommendation.

To be continued . . .

Disclosure: Long SPPI.