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Google, Uber And Now Apple. Cars – A Suitable Case For The Apple Treatment?

So Apple is to enter the car market by 2020.

Foxed us all on that one.

Talk about extending the brand like Branson has with Virgin.

But it's a non-trivial matter making cars.

It takes at least $1 billion to develop a car that's ready for the market.

Of course, that's a vanishingly small amount for Apple.

More important, according to Detroit it takes at least seven years due to the safety and regulatory hurdles to get from 3D simulation to showroom. With the all recalls worldwide it probably should take even longer.

For the hectic boys and girls of Silicon Valley, though, Detroit operates like a snail on tranquilizers and the people there just aren't super smart and tech literate.

Let's chivvy this thing up and spawn a new generation of smart and charismatic vehicles beyond the Volt or even the Tesla..

Technological advance - smaller, better, cheaper, faster - will keep on accelerating and compounding. And consumer tastes, especially among the asset sharing millennials will not stay put.

What may not change is their love of the Apple ecosystem and experience.

It's already widely speculated that if Apple is going full throttle into the full-fledged car market, rather than simply develop blow away in-cabin software, it may well invite its cult members to 'subscribe' to the vehicle.

For this, they would get all the computerised upgrades: cars are essentially networked distributed supercomputers on wheels with sensors that offer software-driven experiences on the road.

Maybe combine Apple with Tesla magic?

Tesla's shares are flagging at the moment and what $70 odd billion to Apple?

Either way, it's all a matter of taking the smooth with the smooth with Apple at the moment.

Interesting that George Soros is out of Apple.

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