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Dynamic Allocation Portfolio Update – June & July 2015

|Includes: SPXL, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), TLT, TMF, VXX, XIV

Dynamic Allocation Portfolio Update - June & July 2015

Both the market and our portfolio seem to have been stuck in a range in June and July. Our portfolio returned 1.8% in June and July vs. 0.2% for S&P500. We didn't make any trade during the period. We currently remain fully invested with 61% of our portfolio in SPXL, 36% in XIV and 3% in cash. Since inception in December 2014, our portfolio has returned 7.8% vs. 2.4% for S&P500 with 5.4% over-performance comparing to S&P500.

市场和我们的投资组合在 6 月和 7 月都在一个区间内震荡。在六月和七月,我们的产品组合回报了 1.8%而标准普尔500回报了 0.2%。在此期间,我们没有作出任何交易。我们的投资组合目前仍然是满仓。我们目前持有 SPXL (61%)、 XIV( 36%)和 3%的现金。在 2014 年 12 月以来,我们的投资组合已回报7.8%,超过标准普尔500的2.4 %回报。

Disclosure: I am/we are long XIV, SPXL.