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Market Update For April 19th

Hi every one,

SPY is within reach to hit 160. DOW marging towards 15000 mark for the 1st time.

We have-JPM/WFC banks reporting earnings in PM.

IT Services company-INFY is reporting earnings in PM.

You can do some day trades with these picks with momo.

Bernanke is speaking at 11.30 so we will be watching metals our best bet is to see which direction silver is moving as Ben starts speaking 11.30 am and jump on to that side Apr 12 Calls or puts for nearest strike price either side. As time is very less try to be in the money and sell after the move after 1 hr.

Also next week we have Big Earnings week with 90+ tickers having earnings on Tuesday,270 on wednesday and 400 on Thursday. GOOG is releasing earnings we have 800 calls as Target sell GOOG when ever your up tomorrow or Monday. Market might suddenly throw us a 200 points down day since we are reaching 160-SPY 15000-DOW Critical levels.

if your in calls lock profits as your turn profitable. Dont hold positions for longer durations.

I am expecting 50 cents move in SLV tomorrow if you buy calls or puts on last day in a option expiry day you get dead cheap and with 50 cents move you can capture nice profits.

Our team will be providing daily alerts apart from these weekly picks. Also you would get daily trades SASI is playing in Collective2. So you have lot of variety picks to choose from. Weekly Picks are giving consistent 80%, Collective2 Trading System is giving 75% Green trades. Our Daily Twitter/Ihub Alerts are winners too. what ever picks ur playing, play safe lock profits.