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2,000 Followers And Counting

After being with Seeking Alpha for just over one year, today I have reached a milestone of 2,000 followers.

Based on 110 articles, that's 18 followers per article, which is among the highest on SA.

I would like to thank all my readers and followers for their support. High number of followers means only one thing - people want to come back and read my articles. The reason is simple: I don't waste your time with models, forecasts, P/E ratios, DCF analysis etc. Most of this mumbo jumbo stuff is useless - the markets will do what they have to do and will usually laugh at your analysis. Instead, I'm providing an actionable trading ideas that can make you money today, not 2 years from now. This is what readers are looking for - concrete trading ideas.

Some of my SteadyOptions subscribers asked me why I'm not ranked among the top writers on SA. SA rankings are based on the number of page views you get, which favor contributors who produce a lot of articles regardless of quality. There are contributors who produce 50-60 articles per month. I can't and won't compete with them. My goal is quality, not quantity.

If you like my trading ideas and my trading style, you might consider joining SteadyOptions. Our trade alerts produced 154% ROI in 2012, based on real trades, not hypothetical or backtested data.