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Recommended Reading: Super Sectors by John Nyaradi

Super Sectors: How To Outsmart The Market Using Sector Rotation And ETFs, John Nyaradi, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey, 2010
If you had to choose just one investment book to read this year, this could be it. As publisher of, widely published veteran market advisor John Nyaradi has provided a comprehensive must-read guide for independent traders/investors who are struggling to stay profitable in today’s treacherous markets.
Super Sectors: How To Outsmart The Market Using Sector Rotation, gives you all you need to know about of how to get started and prosper via ETF sector rotation. In essence, Nyaradi gives us a relatively simple way to turn the challenges of ever-changing markets to our advantage.
Included in “Year’s Top Investment Books” in the 2011 Stock Trader’s Almanac, Super Sectors provides useful background on ETFs, the pros/cons of each sector, basic technical tools, trading strategies, and psychology - really a masterpiece of overview of sound investing and trading with plenty to learn and review for those on all levels of expertise.
One of the hallmarks of a great teacher or book is that it provides direction for further study and growth that leads to independent thinking.
These include:
Chapter 20 – Ask the Experts: Insights and Advice From Today’s Top Investors, Traders and Managers.
In addition to introducing readers to a variety of potential mentors, the interviews provide concise insights into their decision making process and perspective.
Larry Connors- & author of multiple best selling books
Dr. Marc Faber- The Doom, Boom, and Gloom Newsletter & author of multiple top selling books
Keith Fitzgerald- of Money Map Press and Money Morning news service
Todd Harrison- CEO of
Carl Larry- President of Oil Outlooks and Opinions
Timothy Lutts- Cabot Heritage Corp Newsletters
Tom Lydon- President of Global Trends Investments and top ranking contributor
John Mauldin- Thoughts From The Frontline newsletter, book author and top ranking contributor
Robert Prechter- The leading Elliot Wave authority and author of 14 books
Cliff Wachtel-, Chief Analyst at and ranking contributor on, and other sites. Covers the big picture of all major global asset markets-stock indices, forex, commodities, bonds, with emphasis on the underlying forces that move all of these markets, how these markets affect each other and signal possible future market direction. Also spends a lot of time online trying to correct misunderstandings about the relationships between this markets that arise purported experts focus on only one market and thus miss the correlations one sees from studying the bigger international picture.
As an analyst of global stocks indices, forex and commodities for, I can especially appreciate how particular ETFs provide at least an initial much needed exposure to forex and commodities that independent investors and traders lack. Once they see what these markets can do for their portfolios, they’ll be in a better position to explore these markets further. The better online forex brokers like avafx provide a wealth of free tools and educational materials.
My only warning: do not let book’s clarity and blessed lack of pretension fool you. It is densely packed with useful tools and ideas. Re-read it and take notes as needed to reap its full benefits.
Learn more about it here.
Disclosure: An interview with this author appears in the book.