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FOREX, COMMODITIES, STOCKS Outlook 2/12: Two Minute Drill

STOCKS: US: Thursday- Up on little news despite no concrete steps to aid Greece.
Asia:   Up Asian stocks rose for the fourth day in a row on Friday, powered by strong economic data from Australia and China, EU pledges support for Greece but no details given, nor plans for how to deal with other troubled EU members.
European Stock Outlook: Down European shares advanced for a fifth straight session on Friday, boosted by a rebound in banks following steep losses in the previous session, as the European Union's pledge to support Greece calmed jittery investors
Commodities Outlook: Steady to higher
Crude Oil Daily Outlook: Flat/unchanged Thursday into early Friday Trade
Gold Futures Daily Outlook: Up Thursday, steady, holding gains into early Friday Trade.
FOREX Daily Outlook: Bias to risk currencies on hopes for Greek bailout, great Australian jobs data boosting risk currencies
US Dollar Daily Outlook:Up vs. EUR, on EU debt uncertainty also up vs. the Yen, down slightly or steady vs. all other majors Thursday into early Friday.
Euro Daily Outlook: Down vs. the USD, GBP, JPY, CHF and risk currencies Thursday, continuing down early Friday vs. the USD, GBP, and higher risk currencies, but higher vs. JPY and CHF into early Friday on lack of concrete details to solve EU debt crisis.
Yen Daily Outlook: Down Thursday into early Friday vs. all majors as risk appetite returns with hopes for Greek bailout and great Aussie jobs data.
British Pound Daily Outlook: Up vs. the USD, EUR,JPY, CHF, steady to vs. higher risk FX
Australian Dollar Daily Outlook: Generally up over the past days vs. most FX on much better than expected jobs data and thus improved rate increase expectations.
New Zealand Dollar Daily Outlook: In tight range vs. the US, generally following the AUD.
Canadian Dollar Daily Outlook: Up sharply since Tuesday vs. the USD, safer majors as oil, risk fx rebounds on Greek debt bailout hopes, great Aussie jobs data
Swiss Franc Daily Outlook: Over the past day Down vs. the USD, GBP, Yen, steady vs. the EUR,
CONCLUSIONS & Big Picture: Most risk assets up or steady Thursday into Friday on Euro debt resolution hopes, great Aussie jobs data. Watch the S&P 500 and EURUSD to gauge risk appetite and USD strength. Scheduled news events very light this week, so much depends on how well markets are convince that PIIGS block debt woes are approaching resolution. Any disappointment or doubts on Greece, or concerns about the other PIIGS block members, are likely to send risk assets back down.