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Markets Fade To Gap Window Support...Key Levels In Chart Below

The markets rallied directly into the major trendline resistance point that dictated the last break down a week ago.  Sure enough, the markets hit the resistance point and fell hard.  View this chart below.  Gap window has just been hit, beautfiul bounce coming into play in our opinion.  Should that break, note the lines below on the chart for further support.

Market summary:  The markets rallied hard out of the gate as the dollar dropped.  The dollar continued to fall as the markets rallied into the peak 11:00am ET time frame.  At that point, the markets hit a master level per the 60 minute chart.  That was the signal to short and was given out and taken by swing traders, day traders and investors alike.  Sure enough, the dollar started to rally and the markets have tanked hard.  Beautiful reversal on the markets here so far today.  Gap window support can be seen.

Chart shows where the call was made to go short the market. This was done just before the big reversal.