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It is pretty obvious that the entire stock market rally from from March 09 has been caused by the declining U.S. Dollar. Therefore, stocks have gone higher while the dollar has gone lower. Is this a positive for the U.S. citizens? Those that are on fixed incomes such as the elderly or retired have much less purchasing power in the nation. They also cannot travel abroad to visit other countries because the exchange rate is terrible. Then we have a new flood of baby boomers that are hoping to retire and will be facing the same thing. I just don't see how a majority of the American people can think that a weak dollar is good for the nation.

The positives for the weak dollar are strong exports for the U.S. and increased tourism and spending by foriegnors. However, the U.S. is not a big manufacturing country anymore. It is a service nation now. Most manufacturers have left the U.S. soil a long time ago. This country has to get it's house in order and a weak dollar policy is just not the answer.