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Trade Lesson: Never Sell Short a Light Volume Market

Today the market indexes have been in a long sideways range inching higher off the intra-day lows. The overall volume is extremely light as the highly traded SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) has traded just 103 million shares as of 3:00 pm EST. This could be the lightest volume day in the past three months. As many advanced traders know this is a difficult market to sell short. Hence the old market adage, "never short a dull market". Light volume always favors the upside and the past three trading sessions have proved that. Often many inexperienced traders will try and sell short the market intra-day and find that the indexes can push through resistance levels fairly easily. This is because there are very few institutional sellers at these levels. Remember it is the institutions that move the markets not the small investor that is trading 100 shares.  

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