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Gold Tells You Everything You Need To Know

 Traders have to chuckle at the intra-day action. Whenever the stock market is close to a major sell off the U.S. Dollar Index declines sharply. When the U.S. Dollar Index declined sharply around 10:00 am EST this morning you can see the reversal higher in gold. The SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD) made a new all time high as it spiked over $1.50 in less than thirty minutes. We must tip our caps to the people in charge, however, it is a bit blatant and could signal trouble for the major stock market indexes down the road. Many traders and investors are asking if the Plunge Protection Team (NYSE:PPT) exists? Well, it sure does looks like it.

Today spot gold is now trading around the $1307.00 level intra-day which is a new all time high. This is telling us the quantitative easing is not going to take place down the road because it is already is happening. Gold is now the new way to read the money supply in the economy. Remember that M3 money supply has not been viewed by the public since 2006. This is when the Federal Reserve Bank said that this economic reading does not fit into the budget any longer. Again, I have to chuckle as this is coming from people that print money for a living.