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A Tribute to "The Essential REIT" by Ralph Block - Final Issue

I was sad to read the final issue of "The Essential REIT" by Ralph Block.  My fascination with REITs started around 2001 at a Borders bookstore in Ocoee, FL. I stumbled upon Ralph's book and read several chapters before purchasing it. In my excitement with the industry, I gave that copy to my brother and he never returned it. Nevertheless, I began to feel empowered with opportunity to own real estate without having lots of money.  I was like; "you know here's a way to invest like the wealthy without being wealthy."
After doing some of my own research, I bought a couple of REITs using commission saving DRIP plans and proceeds from many eBay auctions. Several years later I created this site. My personal investment journey in REITland has been interesting and frustrating.  I don't know where the journey will take me, but it's a journey that I would've never embarked with out some inspiration from Mr. Block!
You can read Ralph Bock's last issue of "The Essential REIT" at