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The Year Is 2030. What Are Some Of The Key Themes Of The Day?

Some of the key themes in 2030 include a shift towards using the Sun as an energy source, aging global population, and public debt obligations.

Charlie Munger talked about the importance of harnessing power from the Sun and developing better battery technology to support the energy infrastructure. Fossil fuel will no longer be an important source for global economic growths, and the power will be shifted from countries controlling fossil fuel to countries with the best technology to convert the Sun's energy and to build efficient batteries.

Aging population will be prevalent in 2030. Numerous medical developments, such as gene-therapy, should be available to improve the quality of life for seniors and a source of economic innovations.

Finally, public debt obligations will require a serious reorganization, in particular to pension obligations, unfunded medical liabilities, and budget deficits. A further improvement in technology and productivity could reduce the costs for public programs and address the costs of running a government.

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