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FYI For Readers: Plans For This Instablog

This is going to be an unusual Instablog post. It's an FYI to any interested readers about my current plans for this Instablog going forward, both as to anticipated topics and the frequency of future posts and the level of detail they attain. As part of explaining the what and why, I hope you will indulge me in making a few personal remarks.

If you look back at my authorship history here on SeekingAlpha, you'll see that at first my focus was on very detailed articles. They all dealt with Bovie Medical Corporation (NYSEMKT:BVX), as that was my first target as an author. Once I finished up with Bovie, I planned to move on to other topics such as different companies and more general commentary (e.g., about the market, trends in technology and in M&A activity, etc.).

A typical Bovie article took a lot of time and effort to write, leading to some interpersonal friction in the family. As a result, I agreed to quit writing full-length articles, instead sticking to Instablog posts, as these could be knocked out a lot more quickly than the articles.

While it is true that the Instablog posts are considerably more efficient from a time perspective (the flip side being that they don't delve as deeply into the details as the articles did), I still have some concerns about them cutting too much into time with my family and other important activities.

Accordingly my plan (tentative, as it's always possible circumstances could change in some unexpected way) is to focus on completing a relatively small number of Instablog posts that will be comparatively short due to staying at a more superficial level than past writings. Once these are done, my current intent is to either post only occasionally (e.g., when something especially important comes up) or even possibly not at all, depending on how other activities in my life proceed.

My hoped-for timeframe for completing the planned Instablog posts is roughly the next couple of months.

In case I forget to mention it later, thank you very much to everyone who has been a reader of this Instablog and in particular to readers who have thrown out questions that have made me think, provided suggestions for particular topics to discuss, and pointed out information sources online that I otherwise might not have become aware of. Your support has been much appreciated!

Disclosure: The author is long BVX.