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US Credit LImit Exceeded (What, you didn't hear about it?)

   Apparently the only thing the government has to worry about when it exceedes the statutory limit on it's debt, is keeping it out of the Main Stream Media.    US Government Debt exceeded the statutory limit on November 30th, reaching 12.113 trillion dollars and some change (measured at about 43 million plus dollars, but no one's counting anyway).   Since the limit was 12.101 trillion, it should have triggered a shutdown of government spending.   But Wait, There's more!

  The last time we got near the limit, there was a slew of news stories, virtually hour by hour coverage because the government was not going to continue to spend over the limit.    Democrats and Republicans were at each others throats trying to avert a shutdown.   Doom and Gloom were rampant!      This time around, NADA.    No coverage, no commentary, no acknowledgement that the limit had been passed.    Just discussions over reappointing Ben Bernake to continue to destruction of the dollar.     Sure, the debt total dropped the next day below the limit and life goes on as if it never happened.    The government check must have passed the credit limit exceeded notice in the mail.

Why are we not hearing about the shutdown of the government?  Instead we hear about "repayment of TARP funds".     Of course it could just be that the Treasury Department has decided to ignore the congressional statutory limit and play with the books while keeping a low profile and hope that no one notices.

Disclosure: Long GLD, SLV, physical metals, retirement accounts   

Disclosure: Disclosure: Long GLD, SLV, Physical Metals, retirement accounts