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Full Stochastic 144,1,1 Setting

|Includes: Flowers Foods, Inc. (FLO), NVO, PSA, WTR

Below I will attempt to upload examples when your sorted portfolio watchlist at Yahoo can key in on issues where the stock is trading below the 200 dma, a condition frequently associated with a low stochastic, which in turn can be a good buy point on stocks from your own research you feel you want to own.

Low Stochastic 144,1,1 from yahoo watchlist

This is not any for of investment advice, instead it is a concept that you can study to see if it helps you buying things you wanted to own, on meaningful pullbacks.

2/22/17-note: if you have a high $cpce reading (.90+) at the same time as a full stochastic near zero, all the better, more confirmation. This happened in early November 2016 when PSA was already at an already low full stochastic-near zero. The $cpce alone is not good enough to be a standalone indicator in my opinion, but make an excellent confirm for the full stochastic.

I have found that any of these indicators in the blog are much better for when to add positions to your portfolio than when to sell. I think selling requires an entirely different approach. What I do is wait for indicators to go to their high end, example Zweig breadth ratio .60 or higher, then I look at the largest gainers in my portfolio and trim some shares if their portion of my portfolio is outsize.

The full stochastic is a free chart indicator from which can be applied to either and individual stock chart or a market index.

Additional disclosure: this blog entry is part of an on going series about systematic means of buying stocks you would like to own on pullbacks.