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$cpce And !binahlsto , Two Tools To Help In Confirming

The equity put call ratio and the Nasdaq hi-lo stochastic are two tools that can lend confidence for a signal, but they are not standalone signals.

The put call ratio was invented by Dr.Marty Zweig, Phd and frequent guest on Louis Rukeysers Wall St. Week decades ago. Its symbol is $cpc when you chart at

Its new and improved brother is the equity put call ratio, symbol $cpce at

I only use the $cpce because they have deliberately stripped out index options, which are NOT indicative of the small and usually wrong, retail players-that were the basis or Marty Zweigs invention.

I reference $cpce in the other blog entries about using the full stochastic for a buy signal on stocks you have researched for yourself.

The Nasdaq hi-lo stochastic (!binahlsto) is another free indicator from and will almost always show a low reading near -100 on useful buy points.

Both of these indicators are tied to the overall market in general and do not appy specifically to one stock.