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Albertarocks' Technical Discussions Instablog

Due to technical issues on a different, and until very recently 'wonderful', website, I have decided to set up this insta as a platform where so many great contributors on that site can now participate with me in technical discussions here at Seeking Alpha.  Let there be no doubt as to why Seeking Alpha is such a great site, we are free from trollish behaviour hereTo all my friends from all over the blogosphere who are new to SA... I welcome you to this community of approximately 1 million registered users (I believe that's close to the number but don't quote me on it).  Of utmost importance to me, is that all who opt to participate here realize that I hold 'the other website', and its owner, in the highest esteem.  I encourage all of you (who still can) to continue to support him to an even greater extent than you have in the past.  Hit those ad buttons too... every day.  In no way am I setting up this page as any form of vendetta.  Indeed, once the technical issues are cleared up on that site, I will continue to participate there... as well as here.  Danno... we all love ya.  In the near future, if I am granted your permission, I will link to your website right... "HERE"

Before we begin, one word of warning to all who are new to SA... I hold Seeking Alpha in the highest regard and as such, although I have no intention of editing your comments other than malicious trolls who I will shoot on sight, there is one word that I don't want to see here.  "Effing" is ok.  The other word is not... not on Seeking Alpha.  I'll start if all off with a comment I made on Dan's site this morning, September 20th, 2011Here we go:

For the moment, I have to post the chart up here.  Click this link first, since for the moment I can't post this chart below in the comments section.  The comment that accompanied it follows below:

And to satisfy the "arguers" who want to distract from my main theme in presenting that chart, I put together another chart using 10 min. candles over 10 days.  And guess what?  The same .666 percentage number showed up again:

For readers who might have come here searching for the AAPL:$NAS story, it can be found here: