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Worsening Recession or Depression Predicted for 2010-2012

I wrote my earlier comment on this blog about 6 months ago. Now it is Dec. 24, 2009--I think that the economic recessionary period will deepen. The US economy's recession (or depression) will deepen in 2010, and it will continue until the middle of the decade. People will probably start calling this a depression. I would like people to consider whether my scientific revolution-industrial development-economic cycle model is accurate by reading my articles you can find posted in various places online. 

In 1989, I wrote up a theory of economics based on industrial revolution cycles that happen at 80 year intervals and economic depressionary times that happen at about 40 year intervals.  The model predicted a boom for the US similar to the 1920s boom until about 2010. Then it predicted a 1930s type depressionary period.

This year, the major world goverments pumped up spending and lending and etc. to try to stimulate the economy. But we are in a technological acceleration phase of the quantum mechanics based industries.  (My theory of economic depressions is based on a model that scientific revolutions happen at 80 year intervals, each revolution in physics (ie the relativity-QM paradigm starting in 1905) enables industrial revolutions to begin about 60 or 70 years later (1970s QM industrial revolution) if factors of the past replay (ie no disaster, etc.).

The QM bases industries began in the 1970s and 1980s, then developed and we had the boom in the 2000s.  However, we have reached the mid-life period of their industrial life cycle. During this time, there is increasing automation causing rising unemployment, as well as oligopoly formation in the major QM based industries.  Until this process is finished, unemployment will increase, leading to reduction in consumption.  Other factors are involved in technological acceleration depressions.  You can see my website or articles at   On there are papers written in the 1990s that describe this economic period well, and have my economic predictions.

The major world governments pumped up spending and lending a lot to try to stimulate the economy. However, if the recent Gallup polls are correct, spending during the last seven weeks or so has been substantially lower in the US than the same period last year.
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