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Dec. 27, 2013 1:23 AM ETDPSI
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The day never ends before one hears of new applications, mostly mobile applications, developed and made available for download either for free or against a nominal charge. However, most of these are for use by the general public and not specifically meant for business processes.

Business class mobile applications are the subject matter of software developers such as DecisionPoint Systems (NASDAQ:DPSI) that provide specialized and customized enterprise solutions.

Mobile computing for the field professional

In the present age of paperless communications, businesses dependent on field workers require efficient field service software solutions for smooth operations and increasing customer satisfaction. The absence this capability means that the business will not be able to derive the maximum benefit that mobile computing is able to provide.

Field professionals need to carry a hard copy of content with them because they find it difficult to access updated content while they are working in the field. The problem with this is that content keeps changing every minute, which means that mobile workers cannot be sure whether they are carrying the latest information - specifications, inventory status and pricing models. It may even end up in a situation that each field operator is carrying a different version.

A mobile application for content delivery makes up-to-the-minute content available to field professionals. While there are some off-the-shelf mobile application meant for businesses but it is not one-size-fits-all type of a situation. Businesses have specific requirements and require solutions for their unique needs.

This is where DecisionPoint Systems comes in.

DecisionPoint Systems is an Irvine, CA based company that provides customized mobile solutions that allow field professionals to access up-to-the-minute information they need and take decisions based on the findings and transmit data in real time. It is like unlocking the next level of efficiency for closing sales deals and contracts.

DecisionPoint Systems

DecisionPoint designs, deploys and supports mobile computing and wireless systems for integrating mobile systems and supply chain systems. It provides products and services to a wide range of industries that includes manufacturing, retail, wholesale and transportation, warehousing and logistics.

Financial figures of the company for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2013 reveals that the company is moving towards higher margins. Despite year-over-year drop in revenue, the company was able reduce the loss by a significant amount - down from $1.12 million in Q3 2012 to only $390,000 in Q3 2013.

While revenue declined from $18.57 million to $17.58 million on year-over-year basis, it was $2.85 million more than Q2 FY 2013. The revenue drop was primarily due to lesser sales of high priced units as overall number of units sold in the quarter was more as compared to the same period prior year.

At the same time, the company maintained a robust order book as revealed by the high number of orders for software and contracts for new software. []

In November 2013, the company raised $3.83 million from a private placement of 383,000 Series E convertible 10% preferred shares through a brokerage firm, Taglich Brothers. Under the agreement, the VP Investment Banking of Taglich Brothers, Robert Schroeder, joined the company's Board of Directors. []

New initiatives

In early 2013, the company announced a major initiative for expansion into mobile applications, software subscriptions and professional services. The dedicated sales team, Enterprise Solutions Group, was appointed for the purpose of promoting sale of the company's APEXWare software. In pursuance of the objective, the company also expanded its market by developing the software for Android-based devices.

The coming on board of Mr. Schroeder signals the entry of an experienced financial professional who brings with him the strategies he learned from many years in the brokerage, public accounting industry and as a director in a number of other listed and private companies.


Mobile computing has come of age and has opened new vistas for vertical expansion for DecisionPoint. The company has positioned itself as a client-driven provider of mobile wireless and RFID (radio-frequency identification) enterprise solutions with an increased focus on providing service and support oriented solutions.

With company's becoming increasingly mobile, the demand for mobile enterprise solutions can only increase. Additionally, the company's margins are expected to improve further as it transforms itself from solely a hardware provider to a hardware-cum-service provider.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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