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Amur Chief Executive Talks Mining License Progress, Share Of Global Nickel Industry

Market players who have been following the nickel-base metal segment probably know by now that Amur Minerals Corporation (LON:AMC) is among the few favourites in the mining industry today. Its popularity soared last year, especially when CEO Robin Young announced the company's decision to go beyond exploration and finally seek for production license from the Russian government. However, Amur's journey to license approval has been a compelling one, in addition to the roller-coaster story of nickel and the entire base metal segment in 2014.

Today, many investors are curious on the junior mineral resource and development firms' future, on how it would maintain its being an industry favourite amidst various quandaries surrounding the nickel segment such as the Indonesian ore ban and the looming 2nd quarter deficit.

In an interview by TipTV and BRR Media, Amur Minerals CEO Robin Young himself revealed that the company is doing its best to comply with the Russian Prime Minister's Office's directives. Amur is currently working hand in hand with different Russian agencies to speed up the completion of necessary requirements for its production license application. He promises that the company would release a mid-year financial report at the end of the third quarter.For transparency reasons, this report would include a long-term plan and evaluation of its performance in the past first and second quarters. Amur is also currently updating an outdated 2007 study as part of its goal of remodelling the company's base design operation.

When asked on the current status of its license application, Robin Young honestly admitted that the company, along with the market players and other industry leaders, is still awaiting the Russian government's final decision. He also said that he couldn't give a specific date for reasons political. However, he is confident that the application is indeed advancing and optimistic that it would obtain the government's approval.

Once granted, the company could not only commence its drilling on the Kun-Manie reserve, but it would also attract giant investors and partners from the neighbouring regions like China. This would also intensify the small mining firm's increasing popularity in the mining segment. Moreover, this would establish the company's brand as one of the most promising not only in the nickel segment but also in the entire mining industry.

Amur Minerals' inclusion in the global base metal commerce is beneficial to the entire nickel commerce. The 39.2 million tonnes ore nickel deposit in the Kun-Manie reserve could help alleviate the worsening supply shortage brought about by Indonesia's decision to domesticate its ore processing.

Nickel is expected to soar in prices in 2015, the same period the supply shortage is predicted to take place.Amur Minerals, as long as itmaintain its rising shares, would continue to be an investment prospect and an industry favourite. Its popularity is expected to grow once it obtains green light from the Russian government to commence its drilling on the Kun-Manie Reserve, one of the most promising mining prospects in the world today.

The company's shares opened at 10.12 on the London Metal Exchange (LME) at 09.00 Tuesday.