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Getting A Good Decade's Sleep

|Includes: The Walt Disney Company (DIS), JNJ, KO, PG, SJM

I began investing in the stock market in 1970. Ten years later, I added up all of the profits and losses from my nearly 400 trades during the decade. My total net gain was $9.25. Of course, that result was far more desirable than losing $9.25. However, the energy, anxiety, adrenelin rushes, required Wall Street Journal subscriptions, financial gurus newsletters and tape watching at the local Merrill Lynch office all took a severe bite out of my serenity back then. I have kept investing in the market on and off these past 30 years. I am now firmly convinced that no one knows anything about anything about stock picking. However, if I had to place my money on the five stocks that will allow me to sleep soundly over the next decade, here they are:

THE WALT DISNEY CO. (my eyeballs tell me that kids are here to stay. Parents want acceptable entertainment for their children. Disney owns the world's greatest franchise in that area.

 S. J. SMUCKER'S CO.(NYSE:SJM)-- I also expect that big and little kids alike will continue eating peanut butter. However, there is yet another good reason to buy this venerable company. It treats employees with respect. Perhaps that concept will eventually catch on with other corporations seeking success.

PROCTER & GAMBLE (NYSE:PG)--Everyone in the world will use a P & G product at some point. One of the truly great companies on the planet.

JOHNSON &&nbs... (NYSE:JNJ).Eventually all kids grow up and need health care. We are living longer and require more help sustaining our well-being. From adhesive bandages to life preserving medica... Johnson & Johnson ranks as the true pharma icon.

COCA-COLA CO. (NYSE:KO)--No matter how bad the economy, everyone eventually gets thirsty. You can always find a Coke somewhere.

I realize nothing trendy, sexy or groundbreaking is offered here. Only a good night's sleep for the coming decade.

Disclosure: Long DIS, SJM, PG, JNJ, KO