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Dell World 2015 Approaches

|Includes: Dell Inc. (DELL)

Dell Inc (NASDAQ:DELL) is seen as one of the most successfully evolved companies today. There was a time, people thought that the innovation Dell presented since 3 decades is losing the charm. It might not be able to keep up with the competitors.

That is the time when Dell proved us wrong. The first big step was announcing itself to be private. At Dell World 2014, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, announced the big news. It has to be kept in mind that this might be the beginning of big projects that might be lined up. The reason why we are all-eyes and ears to Dell World 2015 is because the previous one kept us captivated and suspicious about what would it be now? Dell is visioning and aiming to move the tech-world by creating and introducing the products or ventures that fall in "technology is about enabling human potential" category. The prediction might include Dell's active participation in Internet of Things aspect. Why not? They have the hardware, they have the innovative minds and ambitious CEO, and they can definitely pull it off and take the tech-market by storm if deciding to enter this area. At the opening of Dell World 2014, Michael Dell said: "The world is being redefined by the forces of cloud, big data, mobility and security" One might sense the not-spoken words by Michael here. Probably Dell is taking initiative to extend itself by trying out in security and mobility. They have however been very interested in cloud services and security issues.

The main agenda for Dell World 2015 is yet to be released by Dell but it aims to be focused around how innovation, business and technology intersect. This is yet another reason why we are guessing that this time around there is something big being offered by Dell. The speakers that are to be a part of this year's Dell World include many fresh and big names in the industry. Obviously it has Michael Dell, where he might inspire us as to how quickly and notably Dell has evolved itself just for the sake of customers and also to not lose grip in the market. Furthermore, among the long list of speakers, we also have Alexis Ohanion , who is an entrepreneur and now also an investor (80 investments already). He is also the co-founder of social media site, Reddit. We shall sit tight to see what an inspiring speech this young leader has to give.

Lastly, we think Dell World 2014 have raised our hopes to another level and now we expect some VR, IoT and cloud-related announcements and propositions form Dell too.