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Toyota Motors Earnings Preview For Forth Quarter And Full Fiscal Year 2015

|Includes: Toyota Motor Corporation (TM)

The Japanese firm is expected to rise an exponential rise in revenue after the great sales made by Camry and its other cars.

Toyota Motors is all set to announce the earnings for the fourth quarter of the year as well as the full year earnings of the company on May 7, 2015. Analysts believe that this year is going to turn out to be a great year for the auto making company as the firm has been successfully making sales in the auto industry of the United States. The Camry model created by the Japanese company has resulted in being one of the best selling cars of the manufacturers which has helped boost the revenue by a huge difference. The auto makers have successfully managed to reach the guidance on the sales that the expected to make and this was not done just with the sales of Camry, but the sales of cars like RAV4 and Highlander also helped boost revenue.

Toyota has also managed to increase sales by around 10.2% only in the first three months of the current fiscal year if the previous year is taken into consideration. On the basis of the sales that were made of the automobiles manufactured by the Japanese auto giants, the analysts are expecting for the company to announce a strong financial report on Thursday.

If the sales carried out in March are taken into consideration, it will be seen that Toyota Motors experienced a rise of 4.4% and according to the most recent data, the company has gained around 8.8% only through the sales of cars made under the brand named Lexus. Analysts believe that it is pleasant news for the company to get so many sales of the luxury cars that Lexus makes as this will result in an increased profit for the firm.

As for the markets that are still emerging, analysts believe that Toyota sales might get affected in those areas only by a little difference. On the other hand, Chinese market is proving to be a positive sign for the sales of the car produced by the company as the government of the Asian country is promoting the idea of people using more and more hybrid cars which will further help the company to increase its sales and revenue. The price target that has been estimated for Toyota from analysts has come around at $168.