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The GeoTeam Offers a Special Situation Preview

|Includes: ATSG, China Integrated Energy, Inc. (CBEH), ONP

The GeoTeam® is now offering a new service that identifies GeoSpecials®, or companies that qualify for inclusion in a selective special situation list.  We will be compiling this list over time and eventually dedicate an entire section in GeoInvesting® for such stocks.  For now, the Learning Center will serve to identify them and elaborate on the reasons why we feel they belong there.

Although some GeoBargains® can be part of this list, GeoSpecials® don't necessarily need the same set of strong fundamental data since they often play to the more intuitive side of investing.

Some of the most notable criteria needed to label a stock as a GeoSpecial® include:

Changes in Dividend Policy
Corporate Restructuring
Repricing of Risk Premium
Listing Changes
Significant Developments
Ground-Breaking News
Fresh Concepts
Private Placements

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The GeoTeam® is currently exploring stocks whose prices have been decimated due to the econimc crisis.  They were priced to fail, resulting in significantly reduced P/E ratios.  We believe that these companies' risk premiums will be adjusted to challenge this failure, resulting in the attainment of normal P/E ratios commensurate with increases in price.

Today, the GeoTeam® would like to draw attention to the following low P/E GeoSpecials® that are growing their earnings:

CBEH  CHINA BIO ENERGY HLDG GROUP CO ; Repricing of risk premium.
ATSG  AIR TRANSPORT SERVICES GRP INC ; Repricing of risk premium, Debt restructuring.
OPAI  ORIENT PAPER INC ; Repricing of risk premium, Improved liquidity.

Disclosure: Long CBEH, ATSG, OPAI