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The Global Equity Market So Far In 2015

The equity market embarked on a bullish run at the start of the year with Wal-Mart, Procter and Gamble and Microsoft giving it the push. The quick handling of Ebola in the United States also led to a growth in American shares. American treasuries prices have remained normal, however. The MSCI's all-country index has so far shown its greatest growth since July 2013 and the S&P 500 is on its strongest run for two years. The positive numbers seem so far to have been attributed to stellar U.S corporate reports. Analysts believe the market could have seen more growth without the Ebola scare recorded in America and some parts of Europe which forced prices down from the highs recorded so far this year.

However, it has since been established that a widespread epidemic is unlikely and this has led to market prices going back to positive territory. Company earnings reports showed that Microsoft and Procter & Gamble reported quarterly gains while Amazon reported losses. Microsoft gained 2.5% while Amazon lost a rather large 8.3%. On the currency front, the British Pound rose further against the Euro while the Euro made gains against the Dollar. The Euro decline is following reports of 25 European banks failing the European Central Bank's comprehensive test for safety with 13 of them mandated to raise €25bn to remain viable.

How traders can profit from these scenarios

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