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Jim Cramer Anyone?

Most people who watched CNBC or have taken interest in investing has heard of Mad Money with Jim Cramer. While browsing CNBC, I saw an article on Mr. Cramer and it reminded me of this interview done by Jon Stewart from the Daily Show (which I am fan of). Many people love Jim Cramer and eat up his stock picks and stock ideas without really knowing more about him. I refer you to the following video. Please watch all 3 parts.

Jim Cramer is a very intelligent man. Graduated from Harvard and has his own TV show in addition to being a former hedge fund manager and chairman of So his intelligence is not in question.

While the show purports to give good investment advice. If you watch the show, often people call in and he solves their issues within 30 seconds. This may work occasionally, but more often than not I feel not enough detail is given or enough thought. Plus his stock picking..... seems a bit too sensational. Because of his fame, his ideas affect the markets in the short term. While I understand his show needs to attract viewers, there should be a line drawn somewhere to protect the individual. Keep in mind during both crashes, tech bubble and housing bubble, his picks have cost people their entire fortunes.... twice. I do not believe I need to say more, as the interview with Jon Stewart sums it up pretty nicely.

It is as good to watch as it is awkward for Jim Cramer.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I love his show, it is entertaining, but I would be very careful of taking any of it as investment advice.

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