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LOOKSMART - - Is Facebook's Application, Programming-Interface?

Less than a week ago I had advised readers here on my instapost that it was likely Nanigans will provide "Facebook Performance Advertising".

[In fact] above-linked post tells all, that:

<We've recently been told that among the growing number of Facebook Exchange RTB partners there are just two who continue to remain as being Facebook ads - application-programming-interface partners.

Described as being a "Facebook Performance Advertising" company we already know that Nanigans, Inc. is one of those two!>

In an article from TechCrunch (posted just 3 hours ago), what we are told almost certainly confirms my own conclusions. -- The news (in relation to what I believe to be a next step-a coming to Facebook of my talked of [exclusive] Looksmart marketplace's 'search intent' based targeted ads), is all good.

The [Josh Constine] article is mainly focused on what are the commonly known standard cookie based Retargeted Ads. He does include both the above two as being among six more DSPs to join Facebook's Exchange partners & a launch of this (Facebook's) New Retargeted Ads program.

Facebook continues (& has that need) to protect it's User Data

The Josh Constine article advises of this as being so:

< "Facebook is not currently allowing Exchange partners to layer its standard biographical ad targeting parameters on top of retargeting.

...................That means a DSP can't say it only wants to target users who've received a cookie & are 25 to 45 year old males. This might be because Facebook refuses to give personally identifiable data on its users to advertisers. ..... If it allowed the coupling of standard targeting and retargeting by admitting partners who do both, those ad platforms might then be able to deduce characteristics of Facebook users & combine them with cookie-data to create stunningly accurate profiles of visitors to their site.">

Josh then adds:

<"But a different source says Facebook does want to let advertisers combine retargeting & bio data so they can serve more relevant ads on as long as it's in a way that doesn't jeopardize user privacy." >

[Jeopodize user privacy? How about eliminating all channel conflict in targeting anonymous users across a ONE open marketplace in what is or, becomes an independent 'black-box' RT affair between an advertiser, a publisher and the targeted user? - - That is eliminating click-fraud along the way? ...Yes..[at Looksmart]..."we follow users showing search intent." - "we are looking at the IP.. [of]..the individual user".]

And the important suggestion relating to the above (from a Looksmart POV) in this article (of Facebook), is the following advice, that:

< "It may be setting itself up for once it's figured out how to do that, as now Facebook has allowed Nanigans and, two existing Ads API partners into the Exchange program. The presence of Nanigans & Optimal in the Exchange program may indicate that when Facebook is ready to combine targeting options, it wants experienced Ads API partners ready to test it.">

Now go back to the importance of Nanigans' new COO Marc Grabowski's statement-and what it surely means in his saying that:"Nanigans isn't a marketplace. Nanigans is plugging into a marketplace." (No doubt many may quickly assume this to be, Facebook's Exchange- if ultimately not proving to be a 'classic', in Freudian slips?).

LOOKSMART - Facebook's application-programming-interface?

Not only do I see a Looksmart role (for, that/an independent involvement with Facebook-and through both Nanigans and others), it was back in January (see the bottom of the linked post) when the two following thoughts were posted:

Won't Facebook [also] be requiring its very own pathway or, an access for it's advertisers into this (my own, now much talked of global) OPEN performance marketplace, is the question?

Since my noting a Facebook move to Kitchener Canada (Looksmart have also opened up 'shop' there), the 'Guru of search' (John Battelle) has come out with his own new year's predictions - including the market seeing in 2012 ....... "Facebook announcing and launching a web-wide advertising network along the lines of Google's AdSense."

Always - only my own opinions expressed here. - DYOR.

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Disclosure: Long LOOK and excited about the road ahead!