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Click Fraud Is Like A Cockroach - Where's The Click Fraud?

Clickz's Tim Nichols writes about how Click Fraud is like a Cockroach & whilst he says that 'click fraud is here to stay & doesn't plan on going anywhere. It's a permanent roommate for online advertising and that it doesn't plan on paying rent, doing housework, or picking up after itself, yet I'm not so sure. Or (at least), I feel that some forms of it - can not only be eliminated-but that any remaining, can easily be weeded-out.

Only a few posts back (under a misspelled heading "Jeopardize user privacy?"), I had posed the following thought:

How about eliminating all channel conflict in targeting anonymous users across a ONE open marketplace in what is or, becomes an independent 'black-box' RT affair between an advertiser, a publisher and the targeted user?

A network that (in always finding a user in real time connections - at the very "intersection of Search & Display", is now almost eliminating any attempted click-fraud along the way. - How?

Well [at Looksmart] "we follow users showing search intent."- "we are looking at the IP..... [of].....the individual user".

The IP data on those anonymous users (based on a coded IP address, only - is what I'd imagine) are "in market" users who are derived from the 'over 5 Billion search queries a day' made by searchers..... that Looksmart receives from the Search Engines-Like Google, Yahoo/Bing, 7Search, ASK, etc and in RT. (Real Time.)

Looksmart has so often told us, in that: [2010 10-K Annual Report]

"LookSmart operates in a large online search advertising ecosystem serving ads that target user queries on partner sites.......We operate in the middle of this ecosystem, ........acquiring search queries from a variety of sources....and matching them with the keywords of our search advertising customers."

Looksmart has also told us, that:

"We are looking at the IP ... the individual user ......but we do watch for IP's with 5 or, 6 clicks...building a quality score" .."Video? Google helps [us] a lot with this, with video ...... we have same standard as Google has.. it's easy for them to get it to us.We own this network."

When looking at this on an impression by impression basis and when an ad match is selected by Looksmart's 'secure' black-box algorithms (via the advertiser's own keyword criteria) at the point of time (when an ad is actually served) - there's no one else other that the user who gets to view the ad being served. (With both the publisher & advertiser presumably only receiving a coded advice that an ad has been served. (Is the simplicity of how I see it all, as being.)

Where's the Click Fraud?

So apart from the targeted user, who else gets any chance to perform any form of 'click-fraud' in such a real time enactment?

And should that lone user being targeted decide to perform multiple clicks on that ad (an ad that's served), we need only then revert back to Looksmart's own advice.."we do watch for IP's with 5 or, 6 clicks".

Always, only an opinion here....

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