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Looksmart? - "Watch it explode in around two weeks", says texas16qld

Things should soon start to "hot up" here with Looksmart and a stated "Watch it explode in around two weeks" was the expressed thought of fellow shareholder texas16qld, in his recent post made [Re: Market Making....], over on the Yahoo Finance's LOOK board.

LookSmart have advised that it expects to report its earnings results for the fiscal 2010 third quarter & conduct a conference call to discuss those results during the first week of November.

LookSmart Reports Preliminary Third Quarter 2010 Results

This happens to also coincide with another land-mark launch, within the search/advertising space.

< ..........As soon as Nov. 1, the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance will go into effect for paid advertising -- and more than a partnership between Internet pioneers, it represents an enormous opportunity for online marketers, according to the white paper - [A white paper that was published by "Clickable" on Friday, hopes to clarify some of the challenges.] >

Whilst I haven't as yet got to read the above-mentioned white paper, Clickable (itself), has been mentioned on my blog here at SA, before today.

It is hard not to imagine that Looksmart's independent, scalable AdCenter keyword auction ad platform is not (right) 'in the mix' of the Yahoo/Microsoft enterprise, somewhere.

You need only to read (from that link provided, above) in my own story "Yahoo! censor posters while CHINA takes CENSORSHIP flack?" ..... Where a former Looksmart CEO Ted West is quoted (and he had made it quite clear - from within a CC), as saying the following:

*- "We also believe that a scalable keyword auction platform, such as LookSmart's Ad Center platform will be critical to driving growth and value through the non-proprietary segments."

* - "Today we believe LookSmart is the only non-proprietary keyword search platform that has the scalability and return on investment performance features needed to serve the entire non-proprietary segment".

(b) - [So,].."This positions LookSmart to deliver greater value to search advertisers as we increase the volume being run across our Ad Center platform."

(Try.. Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, and the UK, for starters)

After-all, Microsoft has been central to the building of Looksmart's independent AdCenter Ad serving and management platform.

Much of the Yahoo/Microsoft (new) search alliance centers around the Microsoft adCenter. In that above link I do point out that many of my instablog posts have contained the 'fact', that Microsoft will NOT be doing their own analytics ...

In that post, I had asked the question ..........So (again), how have they delivered all of those 60.2 billion display impressions without any analytic services, I wonder?

Where else will Microsoft's adCenter (yes, Microsoft - who helped "build" Looksmart's AdCenter), then be obtaining it's (independent?) analytics report from?

8-K   current report  05/12/10  

Interesting days are ahead for shareholders, no doubt. Is my opinion.


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