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I Was Only Just Thinking... Could LIN TV Corp. [TVL] Acquire Looksmart?

Does LIN TV Corp. [TVL] stack up as being a possible 'acquirer' that Looksmart has now talked of receiving an interest from - and that the Company is pursuing as part of [these] 'other indications of interest' at valuations exceeding $1.00 per share of the PEEK unsolicited offer?

Just 'thinking out loud', as I usually do.

Looksmart's Special Committee (shareholders were recently told Looksmart's Chairman Scott Kauffman 'heads' a special committee of the Board - to specifically evaluate strategic alternatives) has now engaged Victory Park Securities, LLC as its financial advisor in relation to maximizing stockholder value and an evaluation of all indications of interest & other strategic alternatives.

In recent times, Victory Park Securities, LLC has acted on behalf of nRelate when it was purchased by IAC Interactive's the leading online brand for questions and answers.

There are so many 'pluses' (that can easily be found) that would point to or,) be reason enough for more than just an interest coming from LIN TV Corp. [TVL] - - Certainly of a kind that would also prove so beneficial to their other recent times acquisitions of both Nami Media (an initial controlling stake - November 2011) and an October 2009 buy-out of Red McCombs Media, LP ("RMM"). - See:

MediaPost (in regards to Looksmart partner's own purchase of nRelate) explains just part of the synergies that would also likely apply to Lin TV Corp, as follows:

< "nRelate's business model suggests content that complements what site visitors read -- not in the form of text links, but images in boxes at the end of the article linking to other content.

One of the boxes could serve a paid advertisement, identified with an image and lowercase "i" in the right bottom corner, - for companies like HGTV. The recommendation becomes automated, based on content on the site.">

Then there's global VOD & IPTV (for Lin TV Corp) to consider, in time.

Any 'controlling stake' offer could include (as in the case of Lin TV's own buy-in of Nami Media) where a purchase price of the number of shares required to effect the 'take-over' ...having a final price based on certain multiples of Looksmart's 2013 nett revenues & EBITDA.- As in the case of Nami the maximum potential obligation from Lin TV (under their agreement) is $36.5 million.

There are very interesting times ahead for Looksmart, no doubt.

Always, only an opinion.

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