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Can Looksmart prove User Data will remain Anonymous in the Secondary Marketplace?

It really is a huge question that may well be answered by Looksmart?

From within my previous InstaPost, I have mentioned that:

With Looksmart's AdCenter (I feel), "targeting" and personal details of users (and, as applied across the entire award winning AdCenter, global marketplace), should always get to remain anonymous to (and with such personal identification type data that will [I think], be kept away from both), advertisers and publishers, across the entire Secondary (or, 'remnant'), Ad Marketplace.

The (Looksmart) AdCenter Platform is known to be private-labeled out to many other Co's who (or, that I assume), then on-licence it's use, to both advertisers and publishers.

Looksmart then, (I feel, as the inter-operator or, inter-connector), will always get to remain at 'arms-length' (or, uniquely independent) from all participating players (both advertisers & publishers - buyers & sellers), that are operating within the Looksmart secondary (global) marketplace, ecosystem.

Looksmart (I strongly feel), will be providing that "inter-operability" (that includes data collection and reporting, etc), in an easy to use 'one-stop-shop' operation for all who participate within it's secondary markeplace, ecosystem.

I believe that this Co ( is typical of what a private-labeled partner may then be representing (and go on to offer on behalf of or), within the Looksmart marketplace. (Note also, that I've had much to say of INUVO, in the past, too...)

This recent announcement (October 25th) tells us, that: is fully dedicated to Advertisers and Agencies. The platform offers both CPC bidding and fully transparent CPM bidding, allowing advertisers to view impressions, clicks, and media costs by keyword, site, exchange, time of day, and other metrics. is a real-time bidding platform for search marketers wanting to reach more searchers, more often and more efficiently than with text-based search.

It's clear to me (in quoting Trey Barrett, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development of Inuvo, in the above linked article), that Inuvo are already 'inter-connected' into the (a) broader marketplace, via the extended arm of

******************** - At the intersection of search & display At the intersection of search & display. Login · Why ... simpli. DSP Technology ». Expand capabilities — function-by-function. ...
********************'s Terms tell us that ...

<..all Platform services will be governed by the IAB/AAAA Terms and Conditions v3.0 ("IAB Terms") located at Capitalized terms in this Agreement that are the same as in the IAB Terms will have the same meaning; references to "Media Company" will mean us (as agent or Third Party Ad Server for the Media Company); you shall be the Agency or Advertiser, as applicable.> (barely a $1 million 'start-up' Co) have come a long way (certainly technology wise), since June 2010 - Citybizlist Boston - Search Marketing Firm Halfway to, and were even mentioned here, in Hot companies for search retargeting,

Getting back to my previous InstaPost and the all important area of Data, it may well be a problem  'solved' (for Looksmart?), by this understanding being offered to publishers, as shown here by (Fully monetize audiences on other sites on the web - we pay you!). And a huge technology feat or, system that could (surely?), ONLY be operated successfully across a very large (Open) marketplace or, one that has been built to the kind of scale, as Looksmart's own AdCenter marketplace is proven to have been done so.

There are interesting days ahead (I strongly feel), for all, patient Looksmart shareholders.

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Disclosure: Long LOOK and very happy to be so, too...