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New Hampshire Senate hopeful Jim Bender says, he "Didn't know the Gun was Loaded"?

 It came as no surprise to me, that the .....'New Hampshire Republican Senate hopeful Jim Bender, [has] apologised to a voter for targeting her online in his election campaign using controversial technologies


This very same (EXACT) "thought", that this would/could be done (& that has now been done), was predicted right here on my InstaBlog some months back, on April 16.

See..[Behavioral Targeting - a concern for Govt's of the world?]

The "targeting of users" in such a way is (surely?) not in the best interest of ALL concerned. (I feel). - A "next step" (?) will be MSM (main street media) producing 'two sided' web articles 'loaded with' appropriate "spin", being dished out (in a professional manner) for either electoral side or, to (drill-down and) "target" individual user persuasions (& by waxing lyrical), in making a point!  (Plus, 'a set of cutlery', maybe?)

(And at or,
generally in any auction [as in most global "games"], he who has the most mables, wins? - Right?)

And ...."I didn't know the gun was loaded"? - (Is NO defence and never was!)

So, for political aspirant Jim Bender to tell Mrs Twomby (as the WSJ article advises), that "Truthfully, Mrs Twomby" - (OMG!!).....He had only...."Learned of all this stuff when he read it in The Wall Street Jornal", IS A 'STRETCH' (a lie), and by a proverbial mile! .

(He wouldn't be getting MY vote no matter what and that, I could be sure of saying.)

At all times a "user's" personal details or, 'data' must surely remain anonymous to both the client and publisher with this issue being such a "HOT" topic these days and surely won't (or, shouldn't) be 'steam-rolled' in, over (or, foisted on), ALL "users" of the web.


Back to Looksmart and, as was pointed out in my recent [
"Can Looksmart prove User Data will remain Anonymous in the Secondary Marketplace"?], BlogPost:

< This recent announcement (October 25th) tells us, that: is fully dedicated to Advertisers & Agencies. The platform offers both CPC bidding and fully transparent CPM bidding, allowing advertisers to view impressions, clicks, and media costs by keyword, site, exchange, time of day, and other metrics. is a real-time bidding platform for search marketers wanting to reach more searchers, more often and more efficiently than with text-based search.>

Note that this suspected "onseller" of the private-labelling of Looksmart's AdCenter (my own assumption), is able to 'allow it's advertisers to view impressions, clicks, and media costs by keyword, site, exchange, time of day, and other metrics.

EXCHANGE-S? - How interesting, is that?

While we are on this most important "issue" (or, subject) of user Data and privacy, it's most important to now read of what Looksmart's own VP of Sales (Gil Brown) had to say, when the following two questions were 'put', to him over at

< Q? - What is LookSmart doing about a data strategy that will enable advertisers and inventory suppliers?

A - We have a dedicated science team focused solely on data strategy, led by Chief Scientist Dr. Vincent Granville. Dr. Granville has more than ten years of experience in predictive modeling, data mining, machine learning applied to Internet search technology, keyword and business intelligence, online advertising, web analytics, fraud detection, and market research.

We focus on the measurement of traffic quality, which to us, means being able to grade traffic and grade clicks and offer clicks at a price that relates to their quality. We take a very granular approach to traffic quality measurement, and aim to better match supply and demand through right pricing. As an example of this, we create a customized distribution channel for our advertisers – so they receive the traffic that performs well for them – driven by behind the scenes data analysis. We also use intelligence about our network driven by analytics.

Q? - Can you see an opportunity for real-time bidding on paid search inventory? In other words, letting advertisers bid according to who the user is (via a cookie) in addition to a keyword request in real-time?

A - This raises the issue of privacy, which is a big topic in Congress right now, and also a concern to us. We don’t collect a lot of demographic data, the reason for this being that search advertising is keyword based, and the user is already signaling intent. That being said, there are certain data sets, such as location, that are very useful in regards to understanding what the user is searching for. Knowing some demographic data does increase the relevance, and it makes sense to use it because a more relevant match is a win-win for everyone. However, the match needs to be done taking privacy and privacy laws into account.>

I mean, Looksmart (in considering Gil Brown's statement that "...there are certain data sets, such as location ....that are very useful in regards to understanding what the user is searching for").. are virtually capable (I suspect), of being able to locate "users" (and 'on the fly' - RTB-like), down to their IP address, if you think long enough about that above statement ... And why wouldn't it be "useful"? 

Certainly, when considering that it is "local" advertisers after-all, it's local suppliers (of goods and services - local to each & every individual user), that will ideally be 'best matched' with 'users' and across the entire web. (Especially, those within or, across the entire Looksmart "secondary marketplace" or, ecosystem, no?)

I'm still waiting for Gil's (Brown's) reply to the part of that question, concerning RTB ..'real-time bidding'... No need to?

Looksmart HAVE
touched on and virtually confirmed that point ONCE (only, that I can recall?), within a CC ..And Looksmart ONLY (ever) mention "finer details" to the market-place, ONCE ... Don't miss any of it, now!!  :)

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ps; Interesting article here at [
Why IP Tracking Is A Bad Idea], that says, that ....'If consumers understand that their exact browsing habits can be tied to them individually, their wariness will slow their use of the Internet.'... HMmm?

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...