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Microsoft's DNT - When Search Meets Display (The Creator Economy)

My comment to a Russell Glass (Bizo) article was submitted successfully and (I've noted), is awaiting moderator approval.

In the article The Facade of Safety: Why Microsoft's Approach to DNT Is Harmful to Online Consumers and What to Do About It Russell concludes that "Microsoft has it wrong. Let's solve this right as an industry once and for all."

My comment (in reply), is as follows:

Hi Russell. Interesting but you seem to be forgetting that [The FTC's] Jon Liebowitz praised Microsoft's new approach on Do Not Track and (I feel) that The FTC Commissioner is likely to be proven correct.

Many seem to be 'missing the point' of just where Microsoft (and in time, Google, Facebook and others) are likely to be coming from. - Is what I am clearly seeing.

When Search meets Display

I'm following closely what I feel becomes the merge of search and display along with the likelihood of a ONE marketplace (and a central, independent 'inter-connector') that may soon become a reality.

The login is the key, I feel - as it's the first party "cookie" with user's giving an automatic opt-in approval.

Just as (I can only imagine?) users give this same (1st party 'cookie' and access to their data) approval, when using the search engines!

Microsoft (with Bing) Google+ (the Google & the other search engines), Facebook, Yahoo (via Bing) will all have this exclusive FIRST PARTY DATA to enable their own advertisers to target users in real time at that point of a search query either 'local' or, all over the web and right across a one publisher base or, publishers within a one open marketplace.

Search targeting then becomes the ultimate opportunity for matching marketers with 'in market' users anonymously in what becomes a far more efficient, frictionless and with the elimination of click fraud and, that's all being based on a user's search intent query.

Search targeting can then be anonymously had (and finding users on landing pages) across this one marketplace - even from own advertisers who are then able to more fairly find users from within a search engines' (own and on another's) publisher base. Is my feeling of what lies ahead.

An opinion.

An eg? The Yahoo! Bing Network

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ps; - The Creator Economy

"Just as the mass media were essential to the rise of the consumer economy, today's emergent personal media platforms are making the creator society possible. The quintessential example of creation is a Google search. Two decades ago, online search cost money in the form of a monthly subscription, but now, thanks to Google, it is free to the user. ............ Or, rather, it seems free but in fact the searcher is paying with each search-and the payment is the search string they enter.

The string of text that goes into the search box seems valueless to the creator, but when aggregated with all the other search strings flowing in, it is valuable enough to make Google worth billions... A simple Google search thus typifies what drives the creator economy-creative value flowing in both directions at the same instant."

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