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Bing Ads & User Anonymity - Technology That's Double The Speed Of The Human Brain?

An article (Private Search Engine Startpage Expects Influx of Bing Users) advises all that:

"Hotmail users will be stunned to learn that their emails are now fair game," she says. "People don't like being spied on and served censored search results. If I send an email to somebody, I don't expect my comments to be reflected in my search results the next day. Email messages should be private and so should search results, and the twain should never meet."

According to Startpage in the article, Bing has announced new changes that suggest it will be altering search results using cloud-based personal information. - Startpage says, Microsoft is claiming unprecedented new powers over user data.

And that .. Starting from September 27, Microsoft can pry into Hotmail messages and its other cloud services, such as Skydrive, to profile users and deliver them targeted advertising - even change the search results they receive.

My own comment to this article advises that Facebook are also doing like-wise! And that since I have 'befriended' two people from Iraq (on FB) in recent times (and in my doing so), I have now received an ad in my E Mail (not Hotmail), that was all written, in Arabic!

Yet I'm not so sure (that ultimately) there's to be any real concern at all, for any/all users and I hope to explain my reasons why I feel this should be so.

In recent instaposts (here and here) I've made mention of:

When "Search targeting" finally arrives it will provide the/an ultimate opportunity for matching marketers with 'in market' users anonymously in what becomes a far more efficient, frictionless, & with the elimination of click fraud, and it will all being based on a user's search intent query or, data provided from an anonymous 'scouring' of (keyword/keyword phrases) intent posted as a search engine query, when it's contained in the text of/in a post on Facebook or, as contained in E mails. (Plus!)

And that the degree of anonymity is such that these new type paid click/s can ONLY be enacted, when seller meets buyer or, buyer meets a seller-under the TOS that both have agreed to participate in, as such. It's always a 'one on one' (only) situation.

What you see (or, read) on Facebook is not necessarily what your friends are likely to get to see! (Is how I'm seeing things - just as I feel Yahoo! Finance is sadly 'making a meal of' it's own use of 'audience parting' over on the LOOK board!)

Startpage's spokesperson Dr. Katherine Albrecht denounces Microsoft's new policies in saying:

"We want to give our users the security of knowing their email is never read and their search results are not biased or tampered with in any way. We don't collect or store any personal information."

Your E Mails (and posts to Yahoo Finance's LOOK Board) are never read under 'normal' circumstances (what IS 'normal', these days?), as it is technology that scours for the all important Keywords/Keyword phrases, that are then 'paired with' each individual's IP address, only. To then be matched with a marketer's own keyword target requests. (As I see it.)

All this is done in real time. Humans haven't the time to do so. And I've just learned that the fastest NASA supercomputers are cranking away at about double the speed of the human brain.

Anonymity (and, at all times) comes from this very 'black-box-like' aspect that an independent (sole) operations can provide, for all. For accounting purposes (I'd imagine) a genuine/billable click or, impression is or, can only be passed on following each transaction. Where publishers then get to be paid by each advertiser, after the advertiser 1st pays Looksmart a 'management' percentage (or, commission) of the winning bid price. (Looksmart then pay TAC from this, to the publisher/search engine that has provided the search intent. Is how I'm seeing it all.)

I had mentioned in this instapost that I felt they'd all eventually get to be using the Looksmart independent marketplace - this was based on some information that we'd previously been told- in that [at Looksmart].."we follow users showing search intent." - "we are looking at the IP.. [of]..the individual user".

And if I am not 'on the money' with my views, why would Yahoo be bothered in their using HUMANS (around the clock) to delete or, be continually CENSORING my posts?

Yet I doubt I'll be getting a reply too soon from the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer-to my following two tweets.


now Ross Bradley Ross Bradley ‏@Interconnector

@MarissaMayer - Yahoo! Message Boards are ensuring a 'one way' ONLY conversation, with blatant censorship! Discuss?

now Ross Bradley Ross Bradley ‏@Interconnector

@MarissaMayer - Yahoo! Message Boards are a disgrace! Censoring comment is an abominable action. How sad!


Yahoo! -

Always, only an opinion.


ps; "If nothing else, DNT should serve as an accelerant to something that everyone in the business of digital advertising wants to see: greater consumer understanding of and [the] desire to participate in the value exchange." Rik van der Kooi - Microsoft

"The decision to set DNT by default in IE10 has nothing to do with the user's privacy," Fielding commented on his post. "Microsoft knows full well that the false signal will be ignored, and thus prevent their own users from having an effective option for DNT even if their users want one." Adobe's Roy Fielding

pps; "Many users utilize Facebook Search to navigate to brand pages - Facebook is now making it easier to have a specific brand page bubble to the top for keywords, and also brand terms."

Will "Search targeting" be a 'next step' for Facebook?

With access to billions of daily search queries who is likely to provide FB an anonymous (almost click-fraud free), friction-less global marketplace to enable marketers with this new and exciting option?

Late Extra: Zuckerberg On Search: "At Some Point, We'll Do It" and Be "Uniquely Positioned"

Gee, Facebook could buy the technology (and bring it out of 'moth-balls') surrounding LookSmart's Wisenut (a crawler) and make a fist of search.

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