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Looksmart Need To Make A Quick Announcement, I'm Afraid

Ethics: ... "We believe that the officers and directors have knowingly violated LookSmart's code of ethics for years, including to the extent they have failed to be alert to and report violations."

In no special order:

AdLux hired Kirsten Johnson (was Director, Network Management at LookSmart), as Director of Network Quality.

Looksmart's Allen Hammock & Stacy Morgan join AdLux.

Just who is AdLux? (About us - Looksmart Australia) Here in OZ.

Allen Hammock on September 17th/18th 2012. (Now back over in the USA @ Emeryville, CA)

AdKnowledge (a previously known Adcenter partner of Looksmart), is located in Emeryville, CA -

More here (on AdKnowledge):


A 'Tweet' from Twitter

Allen Hammock ‏@brainvat

Bumped into Nate Campi! (@ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe) (In Emeryville, CA)


Listed with LookSmart as a (Nate Campi), UNIX System Administrator

Current (?) "I manage the UNIX automation tools group in Apple's Internet Services Group, so we do iTunes, iCloud, etc."

How interesting!

However, it wasn't so surprising to me that they (Allen and Nate) happen to have 'bumped into each other', in AdKnowledge's home town.

I had suspected a strong involvement well over 12 months ago. Recently Scott L. Kauffman - a former CEO of Adknowledge was duly appointed President of Looksmart.

This very informative article (4 Reasons Why Self Serve Ad Platforms Shouldn't Have Minimum Bids) by Arnie Gullov-Singh, tells us in testing, ("For Facebook) it was Ads API partners like TBG Digital and AdParlor"

With the latter-mentioned in AdParlor being owned by AdKnowledge.

Look at some of their clients:

It's not hard to work it all out, as posted. Recently (and once again??), LookSmart Announced it's Display Capabilities whereby Advertisers can buy display advertising on a CPM or CPC (or, CPA?) basis.

If you now go direct to "More Speculation" in THIS instapost, you will read a Nov 24, 2008 opinion editorial by Mason Wiley, the senior vice president of marketing, Hydra. Yes - ( OMG!!

Readers should now get some idea of the 'ducks and drakes' that have been 'going on' over the past 10 years or, so. - Certainly in view of this very latest attack:

News can't come quick enough. - It seems that (besides an impatient Michael Onghai-CFA President, Snowy August Management LLC), I am not the only one who is.."Waiting for That Day"

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4h Allen Hammock Allen Hammock ‏@brainvat

Crazy how a song you've heard replayed for years suddenly speaks like it was composed for you just now

"Don't you keep me waiting for that day
I know, I know, I know
You hear these words that I say"

4h Allen Hammock Allen Hammock ‏@brainvat

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Always, only an opinion expressed here on my instablog.

Looksmart (with $22.1M in cash-end of Q2 2012) has what is a current pathetic Market Cap, of just $14.53M!


ps; Facebook, Looksmart, et al - Have Introduced Segmented Audience Brain Washing?

Disclosure: Long LOOK, and very hopeful