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Coca Cola - Pepsi & 650 Global Ad Networks

'Hear ye', 'hear ye', 'hear ye' ....

It has been posted here and often, that...

<...the industry is evolving and everyone agrees that the simple [Ad] network arbitrage model is dying and is being replaced with a more sophisticated and transparent solution.

In some cases, that’s where the DSPs come into place, in other cases that’s where the supply chain-focused companies like interclick have continued to excel.

The industry is evolving, or at least trying to and the companies that can add the most value for the client will be the ones that are successful.>

HMmm? Companies that can "add the most value" for the client will be the ones that are successful, he says?

As will soon prove to be and via the Looksmart advertising network's solution (but, more-so, for 'pure-play' DSP type or, the Big global Brand 'API user' that's 'enabled' to come directly into the marketplace), the Co WILL be adding the utmost in $$'s 'value', for all the (client) "users" of it's AdCenter platform and a/the global marketplace.

By simply cutting out that (existing and expensive) "arbitrage" play, that is now being enjoyed by ad networks.

Advertisers will get to gain more control on/over their spend and effectively, much greater spending power and publishers (lucky enough to be operating within the Looksmart global marketplace), will get to enjoy much higher percentage returns, in not having the existing intermediary's "cut" (that's currently being taken from them by Ad Networks) and representing hard DOLLARS that are rightfully theirs.

(And, ultimately .... Think Coca Cola and, Pepsi - Does an eventual Microsoft-Google 'one-two' in that order, ring a bell? - It should.)

It's NOT rocket science, as I continue to regularly point out over on Yahoo! Finance's, LOOK board..

Chartists? - Check the $3.50 resistance aspect or, outlook, here:;range=5y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

Good luck to all LOOK shareholders.


Disclosure: Long in LOOK but not into Coke or, Pepsi ...