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The Barry Diller "Roast" on MediaPost - a little "over-cooked" perhaps?

The knives are well and truly out for IACI's Barry Diller and a real 'carving up' of him (for 'moth-balling' his search engine) has been slowly executed ('slice by slice' I might add) over on a MediaPost Blog. - (Linked below here & as has been written, by Laurie Sullivan.)

[Barry Diller's Failure A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy]

To Barry Diller, Laurie Sullivan starts with:

...."You gave up too easily by throwing your hands in the air and surrendering the $1.85 billion acquisition investment in after concluding Google just can't be beat. ..........Thank goodness we don't have more media moguls like you running companies and laying off 130 respected engineers."

That's ONLY the beginning ......And I'd suggest, that "Barry" (Diller,who has in the past, successfully launched and ran the FOX Television Network - for News Corp), may just happen to have a little 'something up his sleeve', and that Laurie Sullivan is not quite aware of it, as yet. ...

I replied, as follows:

I find that most interesting, where you have noted, that - " a conversation with a local high school student, I learned of a Spanish teacher and class referring to "Binging" search results. They don't "Google" search results on a specific topic in class. They prefer to "Bing" it ..."

Just as (I believe) that Barry Diller's IACI list of properties will soon be seen to "prefer" to do so, too. By IACI following the lead from Yahoo - and with them all having Bing installed, accordingly. (With AOL the 'next' to do so? - I think so.)

For it is ONLY about the 'bottom line' with these big Co's and as to how it can be, consistently achieved.

The reasons why are many and should readers care to look a little deeper (& think more 'long term-ish'), they may find that it really all revolves around precious 'user' data. Data that's being collected on us. (The all important "users", on the web.)

And by looking even further they will then discover that a certain (neutral & award winning) AdCenter management platform happens to have been 'developed' (to global scale - with targeting capabilities of getting down to a user's IP address area, is what I now feel) yes, and it's one that has been slowly (and meticulously) developed by none other than both Microsoft and IACI's ASK.

[Read of that fact in this, 'current report'].

So (ultimately - I believe), when a majority of Global newspapers and other big media (also) follow suit & all have Bing installed to (and all - including 'Local') their web sites, where will that leave Google, in the eyes of big advertisers?

Big advertisers who will all be wanting to (by then), more accurately get to set all campaigns across multi-platforms proportionately (following 'users') and with a (that 'single'), 'one-stop-shop' buy

Again (this is mostly all an opinion only, of course), where will that leave Google when it comes to that 'all important' (that by then, becomes an exclusive and so "independent" & virtually is an) equal to all, DATA, I would ask? (If you will excuse that pun.)

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