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Kara Swisher - Criteo Nabs $40 Million In Funding At $800 Million Valuation

[That] "There is need for performance to drive display advertising is enormous," said Criteo president Greg Coleman [Kara has reported], referring to "personalized retargeting," which delivers highly targeted ads to consumers.

Kara also notes:

Ad tech such as Criteo has become a hot arena of late with larger companies such as Yahoo and Facebook interested in acquiring assets in the arena.

My immediate question to Kara (in my comment - awaiting moderation), is as follows:

[Kara Swisher's article.]



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OMG Kara!

How much is LOOK really worth, then? (With a Market Cap today, of just $15.04M)

............Criteo is "stealing" when you consider what I feel is the ULTIMATE - in a coming "search targeting" (based on REAL TIME user-intent) an 'exclusive' to the Looksmart global-marketplace.


Always, only an opinion.

LOOK: $0.84 Up 0.03 (+3.70%) 3:25PM EDT


ps; Note that my comment has been DELETED already? (Censored?)

Disclosure: Long LOOK