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LOOK is Uncovering Advanced Paid Search Strategies @ Affiliate Summit West 2011


Patience from shareholders, is required. But each day that goes by, is that one day closer to some exciting news, I strongly feel. 

Looksmart's Gil Brown may be (finally?) giving all (well, at least some more, we can only hope?) a closer 'look under the AdCenter platform bonnet', with his "Uncovering Advanced Paid Search Strategies" talk, at this pretty highly regarded conference that's coming-up in January.

Note that (for attendees) that this (no doubt I feel), important 'delivery' of Looksmart's 'Solutions', is Open to Platinum & Diamond Pass Holders Only.

# Diamond Sponsor – $45,000 SOLD OUT
# Platinum Sponsor – $35,000 SOLD OUT

Affiliate Summit West 2011

# When: January 9-11, 2011
# Where: Wynn Las Vegas

Uncovering Advanced Paid Search Strategies
Session 9c
Location: Mouton 1
Time: 11:30am-12:30pm - Tuesday, January 11

Gill will provide a checklist of qualities advertisers should look for to bring PPC campaigns to the next level, including traffic quality, targeting and tracking capabilities, and customer service.

Experience level: Advanced
Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers
Niche/vertical: Search Advertising

    * Gill Brown, VP, Advertising Networks, LookSmart

(This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

[Advertising Networks -]

I note or, imagine (that as the "Diamond Sponsor" of this event), ClickBank would surely be attending Gil Brown's revelation. From their own website they advise that ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 27,000 digital transactions a day. - We serve [they advise], more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.

My only reference to ClickBank comes from within this long, but informative (I feel?), InstaPost of mine - where I had noted.

< Now, I have no idea of a "current" deal (UHmm?) between Looksmart and LinkShare (there has been, in the past), but it's worth-while reading this 'recent' reply made, on a "Ten alternatives to ClickBank" blog:>

(Enough reading in that link to last anyone at least, a week. Ha!)   :)

LOOK: 3:59PM EST: $2.15  Down 0.07 (-3.15%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...