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DNT And Sharing PII. - Simplify It All And Build Some Integrity? 

It's no secret who my long time 'favorite' author is. And this post script quote that I had added -- to my own instapost back in December, 2011 (coming from Gord Hotchkiss), typifies my reason why.

..."The reason search excels in marketing is that it's all about intent, and what's even better, it's about identified intent neatly labeled by the search query. In the history of marketing, it's never been easier than this to intercept a motivated buyer."

A few days back (in my post), I make no secret about where I feel RTB is all heading-that's based around this, Gord Hotchkiss' own opinion.

I'm a firm believer in the viral effect to take place of "Search targeting" where users will be found (and when targeted across a ONE marketplace) based on their real time search intent shown. (In that same marketplace)

Simply by serving intent based Ads in real time and with a follow-up Ad that targets the IP address of the individual user" who've made that (each individual) search query.- Across a one publisher base, in that one marketplace. [See below: ***pps; Yahoo! [With] Bing]

All advertisers (from Google, Microsoft's Bing Ads,etc) can 'blanket bid' for audiences or (should they please to), only choose to bid on a single individual impression, by available impression. [And, in ALWAYS keeping a user's IP address data details, in a/that ONE management area!]

Serve (only) Viewable Impressions - for 100% Accountability

And publishers -- that are making available such vCPM impressions or, on a CPA/CPC basis will surely see much stronger bids then coming from advertisers- who will always be secure with the knowledge that they are buying a 100% 'in view to a target audience' ad ratio, at all times.

[Viewable Impressions Are the Future of Metrics: Are You Ready?]

Simplify It all - And Build some Integrity?

As this then becomes a trifecta involvement only (between the advertiser, the publisher & a user - if this is in fact where the industry & Looksmart is or, should be heading - ultimately 'managing' this ONE, unique & global marketplace), there should be no concerns (at all) for ads being placed along-side so-called inappropriate content. (After- all it's then between a user- or, results in a/the tagging of a user's 'IP addy' showing a user's 'search intent' that's being targeted across a one, 'neutral' marketplace.)

MediaPosts' Aaron Doades puts it nicely here: (RTB Is Growing Up)

"Audience is still the name of the game for RTB, as emphasis is placed on buying the right user at the right time. ... If we know that a user is in the market for a new television, what does it matter if he/she is on a website that seems completely unrelated to electronics?

The user has demonstrated either direct or indirect purchase intent for a television, so let's show them an ad for one."

Here's more wisdom of Gord Hotchkiss to close my instablog today.

Gord's article and Paula Lynn's comment - today (again, courtesy of MediaPost- A Decade With The Database Of Intentions),is surely one that industry leaders need to pay their full attention to.

DNT and the sharing of PII. (Data)

If this incredibly disruptive industry is ever going to get this 'on an even keel', isn't it just about time for some serious discussion to be had, on the separation of (church) Ad-Technology and State?

And (from within his article) Gord Hotchkiss reminds us all, that:

.."Neuroscience, behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology and a number of other disciplines are rapidly converging on a vastly improved understanding of what makes us tick."

Always, only an opinion.

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ps; FTC Defends W3C's Do-Not-Track Initiative To Congress

"The industry has long said that people should be able to opt out of online behavioral advertising -- that is, ads targeted based on users' Web-surfing activity-but previous efforts centered on opt-out cookies. The problem with that method is that privacy-conscious users tend to delete their cookies, including the opt-out ones."

The FTC's Jon Liebowitz praised Microsoft's new [DNT] approach


***pps; Yahoo! [With] Bing

  • Yahoo!7 has integrated its search and sponsored search services with Microsoft.
  • As part of this integration, Yahoo!7 shares with Microsoft your search query, IP address, anonymous information from your web browser (such as a unique identifier for your web browser) and other anonymous data (such as demographics including gender and age in whole years).
    • Microsoft uses this information, as well as your search results clicks, for search product improvement, research and analysis, to provide more relevant search results and search advertising, and to help detect and defend against fraudulent activity on sponsored search results.


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