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The Digital Marketing Landscape - Simplify It All And Start To Build Some Integrity?

A further update & link has been added to a recent instapost of mine. (With a couple of other changes of note - that I feel does hilite an area of importance with such an urgent need to accept.) Included is another link to an excellent article that 'sums up' the digital marketing landscape, as it stands.

(See link @: Simplify (demystify) It all-And Build some Integrity?)

Within this article "Online Reputation Management for a Changing Digital Marketing Landscape", the author clearly points out - exactly why Web 2.0 gives the classic "Word of Mouth" a whole new definition. He then makes a statement so many of us have heard before - in that:

"Studies in marketing research show that one happy customer tells three friends, while one UNHAPPY customer tells 3,000. This is one trait, we humans are exceptionally good at."

The author offers a solution in the form of ORM (Or, Online Reputation Management.) And shows how ..... 'Reputation Management has close ties with SEO and SMM in today's digital marketing strategy' - adding, that, 'SEO and SMM create and capture user intent, while ORM helps convert this intent into a sale.'

This article is timely for both the state of global Digital Marketing and the business of Looksmart. ...Both (I feel) clearly have a checkered past (certainly in the most recent years of development) and that there's a need to start re-building some integrity has never been so important as to how they (both) stand, right this very moment.

Looksmart has advised that the company has received and is pursuing other indications of interest at valuations exceeding the PEEK $1.00 per share offer, and the company is continuing to execute on a strategic plan designed to enhance both near term & long term value for shareholders.

My 'wish' is that a "BR" buy-in share-deal (that includes a 'back-door' listing-with a new name/ticker symbol, etc) as part of that strategic plan.

Muzzammil Bambot (who wrote the article discussed) works as an Asst. Project Manager at Convonix. The IAB could do no harm at all in having either Muzzammil (Acqui-Hire him?) or, his company 'on board' to lead-up it's own ORM, I feel.

Always, only an opinion.


Disclosure: Long LOOK